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Give a tax deductible, charitable contribution to PACT to Help Children Development disabilities in Dupage County Illinois serving Naperville Illinois, Bolingbrook IL, Aurora Illinois, Wheaton IL, Downers Grove Illinois
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DayOne PACT Staff

DayOne PACT employees offer a wide range of experiences in the social services field. The diversity of experiences of DayOne PACT staff, flexibility of service, and a network of resources provides for an effective and professional program that successfully meets the individual needs of those seeking DayOne PACT services.

DayOne PACT has two office locations. One office is in Geneva and serves individuals and families living in Kane, Kendall and Hanover Township of Cook County through the Child and Family Connections and Community Access Services programs. Our other office is in Lisle and serves individuals and families living in DuPage County through the Child and family Connections and Community Access Services programs.. The Life Management Services program serves inclividuals and families throughout Illinois and beyond.

Fields of staff expertise include:

  • Counseling
  • Early intervention
  • Case management
  • Residential services
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Social work
  • Vocational services
  • Developmental training
  • Family counseling
  • Individual service coordination
  • Administration and accounting
  • Special education
  • Child development

Steve Boisse, CEO


Name Phone Email

Stephen Boisse

Chief Executive Officer

331-481-4203 sboisse@dayonepact.org

John Feery

Chief Human Resources Officer

331-481-4211 jfeery@dayonepact.org

Tim Walker

Chief Development Officer

331-481-4225 twalker@dayonepact.org

Karen Doan

Chief Information Officer

331-481-4219 kdoan@dayonepact.org

Kevin Kristin

Controller of Accounting and Finance

331-481-4205 kkristin@dayonepact.org

Cheryl Warren

Office Manager (Geneva)

630-482-7602 cwarren@dayonepact.org

Rose Kuo

Finance Assistant (Lisle)

331-481-4217 rkuo@dayonepact.org

Lynn Johnson

Finance Assistant (Geneva)

630-482-7601 ljohnson@dayonepact.org

Brandie Mattice

Support Staff (Geneva)


Child and Family Connections Geneva

Ellana Mavromatis, Program Manager

Name Phone Email
Abby Utley 630-482-7648 autley@dayonepact.org
Aimee Pfister 630-482-7624 apfister@dayonepact.org
Alana Tosheff 630-482-7618 atosheff@dayonepact.org
Alyssa Lundgren 630-482-7626 alundgren@dayonepact.org
Amber Ortiz 630-482-7637 aortiz@dayonepact.org
Aubree Rogers 630-482-7629 arogers@dayonepact.org
Blanca Flores 630-482-7619 bflores@dayonepact.org
Bisma Hussain 630-482-7639 bhussain@dayonepact.org
Cathy Diaz 630-482-7635 cdiaz@dayonepact.org
Cheryl Rerko 630-482-7634 crerko@dayonepact.org
Christine Olsen 630-879-2277 X116 colsen@dayonepact.org
Elizabeth Lyznicki 630-492-5982 blyznicki@dayonepact.org
Ellana Mavromatis 630-482-7625 emavromatis@dayonepact.org
Erica Patrick 630-482-7645 epatrick@dayonepact.org
Ginger Gosnell 630-482-7622 ggosnell@dayonepact.org
Janice Hopperton 630-482-7646 jhopperton@dayonepact.org
Jennifer Cruz 630-482-7627 jcruz@dayonepact.org
Jennifer Lopez 630-482-7620 jlopez@dayonepact.org
Jessica Wilharm 630-482-7643 jwilharm@dayonepact.org
Joanne McCrory 630-482-7631 jmccrory@dayonepact.org
Kelsey Scrol 630-482-7648 kscrol@dayonepact.org
Laura Kusmider 630-482-7641 lkusmider@dayonepact.org
Leanne Jelonek 630-482-7642 ljelonek@dayonepact.org
Leticia Arias 630-879-2277 X117 larias@dayonepact.org
Lisa Steenson 630-482-7621 lsteenson@dayonepact.org
Liz Schaffer 630-482-7639 lschaffer@dayonepact.org
Luisa Arguello 630-482-7634 larguello@dayonepact.org
Megan Mack 630-482-7640 mmack@dayonepact.org
Melissa Steward 630-482-7630 msteward@dayonepact.org
Michele Reed 630-879-2277 X155 mreed@dayonepact.org
Nancy Clifton 630-482-7611 nclifton@dayonepact.org
Natalia Burzynska 630-482-7645 nburzynska@dayonepact.org
Nikki Vandervort 630-482-7607 nvandervort@dayonepact.org
Sandi Hix 630-482-7632 shix@dayonepact.org
Savannah Ramos 630-492-5983 sramos@dayonepact.org
Stephanie Perry 630-482-7628 sperry@dayonepact.org
Susan Bartelson 630-482-7644 sbartelson@dayonepact.org


Child and Family Connections Lisle
Lori Orr, Program Manager

Name Phone Email
Amy Zeman 331-481-4301 azeman@dayonepact.org
Beth Hoppert 331-481-4277 bhoppert@dayonepact.org
Haley Mason 331-481-4289 hmason@dayonepact.org
James M. Reeves 331-481-4249 jreeves@dayonepact.org
Jane Kim 331-481-4253 jkim@dayonepact.org
Jasmine Baker 331-481-4271 jbaker@dayonepact.org
Jenna Nystrom 331-481-4333 jnystrom@dayonepact.org
Jennifer Brennan 331-481-4275 jbrennan@dayonepact.org
Jennifer Greviskes 331-481-4251 jgreviskes@dayonepact.org
Jenny Somone 331-481-4257 jsomone@dayonepact.org
Jessica Radner 331-481-4287 jradner@dayonepact.org
Jillian Gondek 331-481-4265 jgondek@dayonepact.org
Jillian Santora 331-481-4253 jsantora@dayonepact.org
Katherine Clayborne 331-481-4245 kclayborne@dayonepact.org
Kelly Nicole Meyer 331-481-4291 kmeyer@dayonepact.org
Kim Stanley 331-481-4243 kstanley@dayonepact.org
Kim Sydello 331-481-4345 ksydello@dayonepact.org
Larsene Brain 331-481-4285 lbrain@dayonepact.org
Lauren Furiasse 331-481-4247 lfuriasse@dayonepact.org
Liz Schaid 331-481-4215 lschaid@dayonepact.org
Lorena Arriaga 331-481-4193 larriaga@dayonepact.org
Lori Orr 331-481-4209 lorr@dayonepact.org
Marianne McGuire 331-481-4259 mmcguire@dayonepact.org
Marissa Olszewski 331-481-4335 molszewski@dayonepact.org
Melissa Otten 331-481-4329 motten@dayonepact.org
Mindy Koechling 331-481-4299 mkoechling@dayonepact.org
Nadia Spencer 331-481-4199 nspencer@dayonepact.org
Pam Nowak 331-481-4229 pnowak@dayonepact.org
Rachel Balden 331-481-4341 rbalden@dayonepact.org
Rebekah 331-481-4279 rforeman@dayonepact.org
Stacy Brock-Jones 331-481-4297 sbrock-jones@dayonepact.org
Stephanie Glass 331-481-4263 sglass@dayonepact.org
Veronica Calvillo 331-481-4293 vcalvillo@dayonepact.org
Wendy Harrison 331-481-4331 wharrison@dayonepact.org


Community Access Services Geneva
Carolyn Racki, Program Manager

Name Phone Email
Alice Vacala, QIDP 630-482-7636 avacala@dayonepact.org
Amy Kaiser, QIDP 630-482-7613 akaiser@dayonepact.org
Angela Luisi, QIDP 630-482-7616 aluisi@dayonepact.org
Angie Churney, QIDP 630-482-7623 achurney@dayonepact.org
Brittany Sullivan, QIDP 630-482-7600 bsullivan@dayonepact.org
Cathy Legaspi, QIDP 630-482-7606 clegaspi@dayonepact.org
Denise Bowman, QIDP 630-482-7607 dbowman@dayonepact.org
Heather McNabb, QIDP 630-492-5980 hmcnabb@dayonepact.org
Kathy Brinklow, QIDP 630-482-7647 kbrinklow@dayonepact.org
Kayla Simmons, QIDP 630-492-5891 ksimmons@dayonepact.org
Kim Franke, QIDP 630-482-7609 kfranke@dayonepact.org
Kim Troutman, QIDP 630-482-7603 ktroutman@dayonepact.org
Laura Oblazney, QIDP 630-482-7615 loblazney@dayonepact.org
Leslie Hart, QIDP 630-482-7612 lhart@dayonepact.org
Lisa Thompson, QIDP 630-482-7633 lthompson@dayonepact.org
Melissa Claus, QIDP 630-482-7604 mclaus@dayonepact.org
Nikki Vandervort, QIDP 630-482-9850 nvandervort@dayonepact.org
Renee' DeCamp, QIDP 630-482-7617 rdecamp@dayonepact.org
Ryan Tejero, QIDP 630-482-7638 rtejero@dayonepact.org

Life Management Services
Missy Mrkvicka, Program Manager

Name Phone Email
Missy Mrkvicka 331-481-4231 mmrkvicka@dayonepact.org

Kevin Kristin

Controller of Accounting and Finance

331-481-4205 kkristin@dayonepact.org
Maribeth Subgrunski 331-481-4281 msubgrunski@dayonepact.org
Jean Adaskevich 331-481-4327 jadaskevich@dayonepact.org
Nancy Fritz 331-481-4233 nfritz@dayonepact.org
Stephanie Hunhoff 331-481-4191 shunhoff@dayonepact.org


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